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About Weather
If you feel under the weather, you don’t feel very well, and if you make heavy weather of something you make it more difficult than it needs to be. Someone with a sunny disposition is always cheerful and happy, but a person with his head in the clouds does not pay much attention to what is going on around him. To have a place in the sun is to enjoy a favourable position, and to go everywhere under the sun is to travel all over the world. Someone who is under a cloud is in disgrace or under suspicion, and a person who is snowed under with work has too much work to do. A person who is no fun at all is a wet blanket. Someone dreamy, sentimental, romantic is moon-struck or starry-eyed. You don’t have a foggiest idea when you are completely in the dark about something when a project gets bigger and bigger, it snowballs. Everything is absolutely correct – it’s right as rain. To skate on thin ice is to be in a dangerous or a risky situation. To save something for a rainy day is to put some money aside for when it is needed.
Finally everyone knows that it never rains but it pours, that problems and difficulties always come together. But every cloud has a silver lining that is to say – every misfortune has a good side.
– How do you find the weather in London?
– You don’t have to find the weather in London. It bumps into you at every corner.

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